Over the past 3 months my father seems very happy with the help and support he receives daily from your service. Your team has formed good relationships with him to ensure he is well cared for; he needs are met and he is heard. The team are punctual and have good attention to detail. Everyone is personable and mindful. Thank you for providing a service I feel I can rely on. It means a lot.


I do want to commend Pauline Binns-Tulloch who has been completely committed to looking after my mother (as well as offering some much-needed reassurance to my sister and I) and she ensures that your carers give our mother the best care possible.  Pauline has given much of her time and energy in looking after our mother and her knowledge and experience in looking after Dementia patients has been invaluable to my sister and I. Our mother’s health has declined dramatically in the last few months and Pauline has ensured given of her time to ensure that the carers looking after our mother are the best team for her and that my sister and I had all the evidence needed to speak to our mother’s social worker. We have gained additional time needed each day for carers to look after our mother as her health has declined.  PBT has kept our mother’s team quite small (Pauline, Eunice, Bola, Tracey and more recently Doyin) which is so very much appreciated as this has really helped to reassure us that all the ladies really know our mother and they really know how to care for her in the way that we want her to be looked after. The ladies are all extremely patient with our mother and they give her the time she needs to accept that they have to provide personal care and that she needs to take medication, as well as drink and eat at certain times of the day.  In recent weeks our mother’s dementia is rapidly reaching the advanced stages and the ladies have been so devoted to our mother which is a joy to see especially as my sister and I can’t be there with our mother.   Our mother was diagnosed with Vascular Dementia in 2011 and we have engaged various care companies over the years to look after our mother and it is high praise for us to say that PBT Safer Care is by far the best care agency that has looked after our mother and we are grateful that the ladies continue to offer the high level of support to our mother and we have confidence that PBT can continue to look after our mother in the weeks and months ahead



Your carers have a really good understanding of our family member and puts him at ease, I really appreciate that they are proactive in coming up with ideas of how they can spend time together. Great work!