Services Offered

Administering your medication

We offer a range of services including:

Bespoke housekeeping services- helping with housework,
errands, and shopping etc.

  • Making and changing beds
  • Helping with laundry
  • Administering your medication
  • Dressing and changing
  • Mobility support around the home and out in the community
  • Preparing meals
  • Specialist and complex care support

Our priority is to work in partnership with the Local Authority and other agencies to provide you with the following:

  • A safe and secure accommodation
  • To support and assist you to work through your past and transition to adulthood in a positive way
  • To support and assist you to develop general household skills
  • To support and assist you to access education, work placements, employment and social activities
  • To support and assist you with your Personal Health
  • To support and guide you in preparation for independent living
  • To support you with individual personal and emotional matters
  • To support and assist you with Relationship Building
  • To support and assist you with Budgeting and money management
girl in room

Support with Education, Employment and Activities

  • We will support you to access education, training and apprenticeships.
  • We will support and help you to identify colleges, courses and employment opportunities of your choice.
  • We will support and help you with completing job application forms, CVs and with interview practices
  • We will help you accessing recreational activities and clubs (sports/music, arts).
  • We will assist you with maintaining contact with friends and family members.
  • We will support you with taking out Student Loans for university fees (if applicable)
  • We will assist in maximising your opportunities for Education, Employment and Training

Health and Well-being

We will accompany you if necessary or support you as follows:

  • To register with at a local doctor’s surgery, dental practice and optician
  • We will ensure you know where the nearest hospital, NHS walk in health centre, sexual clinic, alcohol and substance misuse services
  • Accessing specialist counselling services, advocate, or any other agencies.
  • We will support you dealing with emotional difficulties, worries, stress and anxiety
  • Managing risky behaviour’s
  • Have a positive self-image
  • Achieving good health
  • Help and support you with taking your medication and ensuring safe record keeping of your medication as well as safe storage of your medication
  • Access help to discuss emotional wellbeing and mental health issues
  • We will help and advise on safe usage of kitchen and electrical appliances
  • Advise on fire safety, food hygiene and storage
  • Registering with local leisure centre’s